Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wow, What a Weekend!

This was a great weekend for thrifting!  It was cold in the Bay Area (ok, so it was only 32 degrees, but we did have SNOW predicted on Friday night- very unusual!) but that didn't seem to deter anyone from heading to estate sales.  Here's one of the first things I picked up at the first (8 am) sale:

A cool, rusty, weather-beaten, old ladder.  My brother and sister-in-law have been looking for one for their place in San Fransisco for a while.  But what do city folk need with a ladder? Well, I think they'd like to do something like this:

I get it!  A place to store my ReadyMades!  I like it!  Maybe I won't be so generous, although rusty and weathered isn't really my style...

And of course we found some of the ever-present Pyrex...I actually really like these two patterns, so I am keeping these:

Aqua snowflake divided dish.  Tiffany, aka DFWGirlieGirl Housewife, had an ingenious idea for using these dishes to their full potential that I think I might steal in the near future.  

These gorgeous "Daisy Cinderella" casseroles have such sunny colors, they are an instant mood lifter!

I did find some stuff to sell, and I have finally set up my Etsy shop!  Presenting AquaandOrange!  It will be a little bit vintage and a little bit of a project outlet.  All the rest of the my finds for the week are destined for the shop!  Some are there now...

Blue Dansk Kobenstyle Lasagna Pan (I collect these enamel pans, but in aqua so this one is for someone else!)

Aqua and Orange trivets!  I wonder why I was drawn to these...

Orange, Yellow, and Aqua Enamel Paella Pans, never out of the box!

Blue Danish wooden candleholders!  So cute!

A set of 8 red floral glasses.

I also found something a little too big to go in the Etsy shop:

This AMAZING danish modern sectional couch!  I saw it (and it's tiny price tag) and immediately told Marc we had to get it.  He balked...we had no place to put it.  But I knew it could be sold pretty quickly, for a pretty decent profit (ok, an INSANE profit), so I convinced him.  Look at the beautiful wood sides:'s graceful curves:

...those dainty feet:

Oh, yes, it would be least for the 12 hours it took to flip it on Craigslist.  Let's just say I made enough to make get that embroidery machine I've been eyeing.  Yes, it was a good weekend!


  1. Such amazing scores!!! I especially love the lasagna pan. It combines two of my most favorite things: lasagna and Dansk enamel!

  2. Nice finds all around! And way to go with your sofa flip!

  3. Awesome finds!! And congrats on your sale!

  4. Excellent finds. Where are you in the bay area?
    I am on the Peninsula :)

    I flipped some chairs as well. Not as amazing as your but still :)

  5. OMG that COUCH IS AMAZING-- and the condition!! So jealous. All great finds (I also particularly loved the yellow casseroles, too). I have to admit, I'm dying to know what one would pay, or sell, that couch for.