Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thrift Share Monday and White Elephant Part 3

The cool thing about the White Elephant Sale is that it goes on for about two months.  As long as you bring some goods to donate (worth $50), you can get in to the WES warehouse and shop Tuesday-Saturday.  This place is big enough and they put more stuff out daily that it's worth it to go back multiple times.  I went back on Friday (my day off) and found this:

Architectural cookie cutters from the Museum of Modern Art in New York (one of Marc and my favorive museums!).  We'll use these to make the most high-brow cookies you've ever seen!  My favorites are the Sydney Opera House and the Guggenheim museum:

It was actually pretty light this week in terms of estate sales.  We only went to three as there weren't many sales near us.  The first sale, at 8 am on Saturday, was less than a mile from our house and yielded our best finds of the day:

A collection of Pyrex bowls!  I usually don't find much Pyrex at estate sales, as usually the dealers tend to descend on it pretty quickly.  For some reason, there were no dealers in sight at this sale.  Marc and I were the first ones there at 7:55.  Here's some up close views of the finds:

Two "Butterfly Gold" bowls

Nesting "Spring Blossom Green" Bowls

Green 403 mixing bowl, "Spring Flowers" Dish, and "Verde Cinderella" Oval Covered Dish

For 50 cents a piece, it's hard to go wrong!  (Thanks for the pattern info, Pyrex Love!)  We also went to the Alameda Pointe Antiques and Collectibles Fair (aka "the Pointe" or "the Alameda Flea Market"), which is held on the first Sunday of every month.  We sold here back in March, and we'll probably be doing it again soon to make room in the house!  I actually didn't buy anything, as we estate sales have ruined us for prices, but I like to go for the spectacle and to get some inspiration.  I almost left with this, though:

Wouldn't this look great in a kitchen?  The seller wanted $60, which I think was reasonable (it's over 2 ft square), but unfortunately I have no space for it in my current kitchen.  It's in the mental file for the future, however.  I also loved these glass paperweights, displayed in a lovely aqua blue cosmetics case:

The sunlight hit these just beautifully.  Finally, the last item I wanted but didn't need buy was this great tin dollhouse from the sixites:

The roof lifts off and all the wallpaper, rugs, windows, etc, are printed on the tin.

What really sealed it for me was this great white brick fireplace, complete with sculptures and fire tools!  Also love that wood paneling and the picture of a roaring fire.

Pretty great, huh?


  1. I love that sign! I'm staring at my kitchen right now trying to figure out where I could put one. How much did they want for the dollhouse? That's pretty great, too.

    -Trish [ Modern Thrifter ]

  2. I actually didn't even ask the price on the dollhouse. My husband was looking at me like I was crazy as I was fawning over it!

  3. Dream dollhouse! I also LOVE the cook cutters and the huge kitchen sign!

  4. My goodness! What a great haul you had! I love EVERYTHING you found!

  5. I passed (stupid me) on a Marx doll house exactly like the one above years ago at an antique mall for $75. It even had all the furniture with it. Been trying to find one ever since.

    Mr. Modtomic

  6. My sister and I had that dollhouse in 60s. It came with tulip style dining set and other modern furniture.

  7. That was the dollhouse I had! Oh, man, the memories! I'd spend hours arranging the interior. Sigh...