Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspired Pot Rack

A few years ago I saw this picture in Domino magazine:

And all I could think was "wow", now that that's a pot rack!  I immediately started being on the look out for something I could turn into such a cool pot rack.  Marc and I frequent a bunch of salvage yards around northern California (our favorite being Ohmega Salvage and Urban Ore) and we began looking for old iron gates.  After months of finding pedestrian parallel bar gates, one day, we found this:

I loved it!  It started out white and this is what it looked like after stripping MANY coats of paint (that was a real pain).  I then had Marc cut off the non-flush ends and weld four eye hooks on the side (below).  Have I mentioned lately how much I love a man with power tools?

After priming (really important for metal that's going to see lots of use), we spray painted the entire thing a bright orange with enamel spray paint.  Then, it was all about hanging it from the ceiling and arranging the pots:

I think it's a pretty good interpretation of the inspiration photo. It's definitely got a lot more pots on it now.  One great thing about the location of the rack is that we can just hang up pots after washing and let them drip down into the sink.  Genius!


  1. I like your better the the inspiration photo. How clever and creative to use an iron gate. I love it.

  2. What a great re-purposing idea. Very inspiring!