Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Raining Pyrex!

Marc and I were visiting his dad and stepmom in Pompano Beach, FL this weekend, so I didn't get much thrifting in.  However, I alluded in my last post to a crazy Pyrex treasure trove I discovered at an estate sale two weekends ago.  The sale, in Livermore, CA, was advertised as "%90 Vintage" and turned out to be the estate sale of an antique dealer.  There was great stuff piled EVERYWHERE in this house!  I filled two boxes, mainly with Pyrex, including TWO sets of these beauties:

Pyrex primary color mixing bowls! 

They were first made in the 1940's and my grandmother had a set (Pyrex numbers 401, 402, 403, 404).  My dad asked me to be on the lookout for a replacement set for him (he had some unfortunate accidents with two of the inherited set).  I actually already gave him a set for Christmas.  These sets are uber-collectible, and they consistently go for between $50-$80 bucks on eBay.  And I found two sets of them!  One set is in in near-perfect condition, while the other one has obviously been loved a bit more.  I also picked up three of the 403 green bowls (for making sets in the future):

And the Pyrex craziness is still not done.  I also found another Butterfly Gold bowl (a white 402 one this time) to go with my bowls I found a few weekends ago:

I also found these lovely pastel cake pans (in near perfect condition):

And finally, my first ever refrigerator set, in the Verde color pattern (with the glass lids):

All in all, a pretty great haul!


  1. Wow now that some pyrex luck!!!! I found a butterfly gold butter dish today at goodwill. Not my pattern but I do not think they make my patter (gooseberry pink) in a butter I sug out the 99 cents and bought it.