Tuesday, February 1, 2011

White Elephant Sale Part I

Every year the Oakland Museum of California does an amazing fundraiser:  the White Elephant Sale.  They collect donations of houswares, furniture, books, knick knacks, art, (basically anything and everything) for months and a legion of volunteers sort and price everything.  The WES is in held in a gigantic warehouse and they don't just have everything you could imagine, they probably have five.  My blogging friend Terri and I got to their preview sale this Sunday at 9:30 (they opened at 10:00), and we were literally about the 500th people in line.  This sale is BIG.

I did VERY well at this sale, so much so that I've got to break up my scores into multiple posts.  My first post is dedcated to these beauties:

Pegged Votive Cups (peglights) and LOTS of them...

So many styles and colors...

 I have been looking for these votive cups with the pegs for about a year now.  They are suprisingly hard to find (I don't think they are made anymore).  In fact, after a year of keeping my eyes open at estate sales and thrift stores, I only managed to accumulate about 30 of them.  And then, at the White Elephant Sale, I hit the motherlode and found 44 of them...all for $5!!!

But what do you do with them?  Well, here's a hint:

Wall sconces!  How about red and aqua?

Or purple (never seen one of those!)

 But I'm a big fan of the orange and aqua! 

How about the pink double sconces with white frosted votives?

Blue's pretty nice, too...

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