Friday, February 4, 2011

White Elephant Sale Part II

As promised, here's the second installment of my White Elephant Sale finds.  All this stuff came from the "nick-nack" section of the sale.

Most of the items are Syroco or Burwood wall plaques and picture frames.  Syroco (a combination of Syracuse and Rococo) started out making hand-carved wall decorations and sculptures in the 1930's in New York.  Sometimes I find Syroco pieces that are made of wood, like the two branch wall shelves shown in this picture:

However, as plastics started to be more the rage in the 1950's and 1960's, Syroco (and later Burwood and Homco) started mass producing their decor pieces out of hard plastic resin, like this clock:

and these wall plaques and picture frames (I found eight of both!):

 And yes, I do realize that they are very a little hideous in their current form.  However, I have recently taken to painting these Syroco/Burwood/Homco finds in all sorts of bright colors (orange or aqua, anyone?), and it really improves them immensely.  I currently have quite the collection of these gaudy gold treasures going, as they seemed to be very popular at a lot of the estate sales I frequent.

Other items I found were these cool ceramic quails and turtle.  The only thing that Marc liked out of this whole bunch was the dandelion puff in the epoxy box (on the left side of the picture below), and I agree that it is pretty cool.

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