Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Dream House- It's Prefab!

When I was a kid, my mom was a little obsessed with "kit houses"- prefab houses that are built offsite, dissassembled, and then reassembled on your site- specifically log-cabin looking houses.  Well, her obsession must have rubbed off on me a little, as I have found my absolute dream house, and it's a kit.  Albeit a modern, absoutely amazing kit house.  Each Flat Pak house is specially designed by a firm in Minnesota based on your specifications.  Basiscally, every eight feet of wall, you make a decision if you want windows, brick, concrete, etc, and you get some amazing results!

Original Flat Pak in Minnesota

Flat Pak house in Aspen- I love the walls of windows!

Back of a house in Woodstock

They're also beautiful inside!

My absolute favorite- Seperate garage, and see that little side house off to the left- can you say two story workshop, with a wood/metal shop downstairs for Marc and a project/sewing room upstairs?  How great would that be?

What a great workshop this would make!


  1. I have no doubt one of those homes will be yours in the not too distant future :)



  2. Wow, catherine, I have never heard of these houses, so interesting and you are right they are truly beautiful inside. Hope your dream comes true someday!!