Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Estate Sale Scores- Weekend of January 16th

This has been a bit of a slow new year for sales.  I think I only found four this weekend, and one of them was actually a garage sale mascarading on Craigslist as an estate sale (grrr...).  However, I did get some cool stuff, so I thought I'd share.  The best find of the weekend was definitely at the first sale of Saturday morning.  8 am in "the boonies" (as Marc insisted) of Castro Valley, CA, it was me, Marc, and the now-familar cadre of local dealers.  We've taken to nicknaming them (more creatively than W's "Slim" or "Super-Slim"), but unfortunately "Elvis" was not in the building that morning.  Anyway, the family was doing this sale and they looked totally bewildered at all of us nut-jobs outside 15 minutes before opening time, and when they let us in it was a mad scramble to grab the good stuff.  Unfortunatley I missed a flame orange Le Creuset pot (it sold for TEN DOLLARS!!!), but I did manage to score a crafter's dream:  a treasure trove of vintage buttons.  My mom had a fun collection of them when I was young, and I loved going through and picking out my favorites (of course the gawdy rhinestones were top of my list then).  The buttons were in two boxes and I think in total I came away with 10 assorted-sized jars of them (all sorted by color, no less!).  I also picked up a cool sewing box (to store the buttons in, of course!), some miscellaneous thread and scissors, an aqua Fiestaware creamer, and a cool vintage starburst juice glass (sadly, there was only one- I looked!).  Grand total: $10.  Who needs that orange pot, anyway?

Nifty box...

but it's what's inside that counts, right?

I loved the fact they were sorted by color

The fourth from the left is full of gawdy rhinestone buttons!

Sets of buttons are tied up with string, like the pretty red rosette buttons.

You can never have too many colors of thread- it's great for when you have to repair something and you want to match colors, say, when you want to sew on a button?

There's my color again...and a glass with starbursts, no less!


  1. Very cool I use to play with buttons on rainy days stringing them on a long piece of string with a needle my little brother and I would compete to see who get the longest strand of buttons. I always won afterall I was a girl and 4 yrs older , it was inevitable. hehe