Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ashtrays as Art?

Now, I can't take credit for this idea, as it was really my friend Ashley who inspired me on this one. She has a retro/mid century kind of vibe to her decorating style, and when I went to her house for the first time, I was intrigued by some of the cool objects d'art she had decorating her place. They were being held up by plate holders and displayed like decorative plates...could they be?- yep, they were ashtrays. While I was (I must admit) a little disgusted at first, I realized that they were actually really cool and kinda, well, pretty! Many of them had all kinds of neat colors and glazes, and were really designed to be shown off in the fashionable mid century home. After I opened up to the idea, I started to see attractive ashtrays during my treasure hunting. What really cemented ashtray collecting with me, however, was the one we were given by Marc's grandmother (who is forever trying to give us things), which says "The Perchers" and had graced her home for over 40 years. Now I've got a small collection that I, like my good friend, display on plate holders in my house.

Our family heirloom ashtray

A great score: it's orange, it's fiestaware, and it's radioactive!

I swear the aqua things just find me now
I'm not sure this one is an ashtray, but it's pretty nontheless. It's made by Jacquin and has beautifuly jewel-toned crackeled glass along the rim.
A row of funky-shaped ashtrays graces our wine glass rack in the dining room.


  1. I love your passion for mid century design!
    I especially love how you display it with a young and hip vibe :)
    Very inspiring!

  2. Catherine that really looks wonderful, clever idea to display ash trays that way. I love their form.