Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Groovy Finds for Thrift Share Monday

Marc and I rolled out of bed early on Saturday morning.  Our first sale wasn't supposed to start until 8, but I had a funny feeling about.  I told him, "Let's leave early...I think this sale might open before 8."  We ended up arriving around 7:30, and sure enough, the garage was open.  Only one dealer in sight, though, so I managed to scoop up some fun things.  Here's the haul (mostly from that first sale):

The sale was of a lady who LOVED dolls, and in fact all the bedrooms were filled with dolls of all shapes and sizes.  I only managed to pick a few that interested me, if you can really call them "dolls":

A set of foo dogs and two geisha girls

I found another cool stainless cake saver, and since I already have one, this one is for sellling.  I spotted some orange-themed things for my kitchen, including a cool orange-printed bottle and a really nice embroidered bowl of oranges:

I finally found a chip and dip bowl.  I found the top, smaller bowl and the gold clip on the dining table, and so I went hunting for the larger bowl, which I eventually found in the china cabinet.  I felt so victorious!

These little suitcases are in great shape and would great as a funky briefcase.  

Finally, my favorite purchase of the day was found by Marc.  This plant stand was sitting in the living room and I had even picked one of the "violet pots" up.  It wasn't until I saw Marc being so fascinated that I thought they might be worth getting:

There are four of these pots, and everything, including the violets, leaves, and terra cotta pots are knitted.  Including the "drip catchers":

After thinking about it a bit, I agreed that they were pretty cool.  

So we decided to take them, plant stand and all.

I love buying these kind of things at estate sales.  Just thinking about all the time and effort that went into making them makes me love these items all the more.  


  1. Those are fab finds, loving the suitcases! Scarlett x

  2. Love these finds! Luck you!

  3. Please let me know if you are selling the cake thingie...I THINK it matches me canister set and I would be interested in buying it.

    Love the chip and dip set. I found one recently at a thrift (highly unlikely, right?). I can not wait to use it!!!!

    The knitted pots and plants are so cute. I bet whoever knitted those did so with such care. They couldn't have been an easy project (but maybe they are, I know nothing about knitting).


  4. Wonderful finds! My favorite has to be the crocheted flower pots, those are just lovely little gems. I'm a tad bit jealous at the crocheting talent it took to do them! :-) Thanks for sharing.

  5. You and your awesome eye!!!
    So good!!

  6. absolutely love the violets (how wonderfully gorgeous are they!)And those suitcases what can I say? L-O-V-E them!!!